1-1! What a surprise! The new Asian champion lost the miracle of 15 years, Evergrande naturalized forward 5 games and 3 goals 2020-12-04 00:08 origin: kanqiu tribe original title: 1-1! What a surprise! The new champions of Asian Championship lost the miracle of 15 years At 21:00 p.m. on December 3, Beijing time, in a competition in Group E of the 6th round of the Asian Championship group match in 2020, Beijing Guoan drew 1-1 with Qinglai united, which made an unexpected surprise. The team did not have the chance to create a record of six consecutive victories. During this period, Alan, a naturalized player rented from Evergrande, scored a goal, and scored three goals in five times in the whole Asian Championship Group. At present, Beijing Guoan is playing the most outstanding role in the side of CSL BIG4, not only two rounds ahead of schedule, but also one round ahead of schedule to determine the first place in the group. Beijing Guoan didn’t want to lose the record of six consecutive victories in the group games despite being promoted to the knockout stage early. This time, he sent a double forward combination of Barton and Zhang Yuning, together with Augusto, Fernando, Lu Peng, Jiang Tao and Jin Taiyan to form five midfield players. In the history before the Asian championship, Beijing Guoan and Qinglai United had only one encounter, which was the first round of this season’s group match. At that time, Beijing Guoan won the opponent 1-0 in the away game, while Beijing Guoan played with Thai super teams for 7 times, winning 6-1 loss, occupying a positive advantage. In the first half, although Beijing Guoan controlled the competition situation, it could not be converted into goals. Until the 53rd minute of the second half, Qinglai United counterattacked. Ekani broke into the forbidden area, swung open his eyes, and then shot hard at the far corner to help the team to lead Beijing Guoan 1-0. After that, Beijing Guoan made a wild counterattack. In the 75th minute, Alan, who was waiting to enter the field, scored a header to help Beijing Guoan 1-1 level and prevent a loss. Because of unbearable, then Beijing Guoan has no chance to invent the history of the team and win six consecutive games in a row. It also has no chance to catch up with Shandong Luneng in the 2005 Asian Championship group match. If Guangzhou Evergrande drew 1-1 with Shuiyuan Samsung and Shanghai Shanggang 0-4 defeated Sydney FC on December 1, and Shanghai Shenhua defeated Weishan Hyundai 1-4 on December 3, the Chinese Super League team did not win in the recent four group games, fortunately, Shanghai Shanggang and Beijing Guoan both came out early. Now Beijing Guoan will usher in the first knockout match on December 6, with Tokyo FC as its opponent. During the knockout stage, Beijing Guoan needs to grasp the opportunity.


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