ESPN’s top 10 strikers: mero is still in the top three, sun Xingyi is still on the list. On December 4, the United States ESPN selected the world’s top ten forwards, Messi ranked first, Ronaldo Ronaldo ranked third behind mbape, and Asia’s first brother sun Xingyi ranked seventh. Last season, Messi won the La Liga Golden boot, but the number of goals as long as 25, which is the lowest number of league goals since 2009-2010 season, far from his peak. Although Messi’s performance in 2020 can only be regarded as unsatisfactory, he is still loved by ESPN, the American media still thinks that Argentina’s superstar is the world’s top striker. Second on the list is mbape, who is believed to be the future ruler of world football in 2020, beating Ronaldo and trailing Lionel Messi. Ronaldo, 35, is still in a “reverse growth” momentum in 2020, making 39 appearances, scoring 38 goals and seven assists. Portuguese superstar such excellent performance is still surpassed by the younger generation mbape, ranking third in the list, causing a lot of controversy. Fourth on the list is mbape’s teammate Neymar, the Paris number one star who has been equally outstanding in 2020. In fifth place is Liverpool striker Salah, whose performance this year is still convincing. Arsenal forward obamayan, who ranked sixth, has been in a slump after getting a big contract, which makes fans very dissatisfied. In this list, the most surprising is sun Xingjie’s shortlist, the Asian first brother ranked seventh after obamayan, which shows that the main force of spurs has been the most excellent attacker in the world. This season, sun Xingfu’s condition is more and more excellent, has already scored nine goals in the league, is this season’s Premier League Golden boot’s strong snatcher. It can be estimated that if sun Xingfu can get the Premier League top scorer this season, his position in the world football will be further improved, and my ranking in the list will be even higher. On the list, eighth to tenth place are dimila of Juve, Rushford of Manchester United and illicic of Atlanta.


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